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Franks Wedding band
Franks Wedding band

A sucess Story ...A wedding ring was found!

A success Story ...A wedding ring was found!

Sept 5, 2009 lost Sept 5, 2009
found Sept 5, 2009 9:30pm by the Birthday Girl (Eleanor Hube)
It was very nice to meet you yesterday. You have made us both very
happy...and relieved! Take a look at the first time the ring was on my
finger, 10-15-08.
Frank & Stephanie
Frank & Stephanie
Hello Eleanor!

Here's the picture that I took. I think it came out quite nice! Feel free to add it to your website! :)

Thank you so much again. We are just thrilled that you found the ring. We can't thank you enough!

Please take care and we will always think of you.

Don and Katrina McGrail
Hyannis 2010 Don and Katrina McGrail